Pleasant Lake Lodge Assisted Living &
Enchanted Acres Adult Foster Care Home
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About Us


Pleasant Lake Lodge Assisted Living & Enchanted Acres Adult Foster Care Home are located 5 miles outside of Cadillac near Pleasant Lake. Both homes are located side-by-side on the same 20 acre plot of land surrounded by state land. We have two horses and one dog on the property  and others that will soon be added to the “family farm”.  

With sitting areas located outside surrounded by flower beds and hummingbirds, it offers a peaceful and relaxed setting. Wildlife surrounds the home during all four seasons from birds to deer.  We even have a small pond located on the property where a curious little turtle lives.  Often we find him far from the pond, in the yard near the seating areas, just wanting to visit wit the folks as well.

 As people grow older and less able to live on their own, other living arrangements must be considered. Assisted living is one choice. It helps residents maintain independence while providing assistance when necessary.  We are here to help with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, grooming and laundry. We can also help with some transportation services located within Cadillac. 


This arrangement is great for people who can't live on their own but who don't need the extensive care provided by a nursing home. Those needs often change over time, so assisted living offers different levels of care at different costs. Costs vary greatly, and the monthly fee varies depending on the services provided. (We are one of few income-based living facilities)

There are many types of assisted living facilities. Before making a decision, we strongly recommend you visit the home, consider the services available and talk to the providers.


 Our Restorative Care Policy

Restorative Care is something we highly promote with our residents.  Restorative care is any person of any age who suffers from a serious illness or injury that may require rehabilitation and/or restorative care. Rehabilitation services employ therapists to help people regain physical function.  Restorative care services is ongoing and may be prvded in long-term care at home or in a skilled facility, ften following rehabilitation. Our staff provides the restorative care to preserve a person's optimum level of functioning and indepence.

What is Restorative Care?
            Restorative care is a philosophy. People who support this philosophy believe that the residents should be encouraged and helped to engage in functional and physical activities that match their capabilities during all care interactions.  The focus of restorative care is not about getting the task done, but on having the residents do as much of their activities of daily living as their abilities allow.  The goal is for the residents to achieve their highest level of function and to assure that the residents maintain or improve the level of function that they had when they moved into an assisted living facility.

Why Restorative Care is Important?
- When people enter assisted living facilities, their functionality often declines rapidly if they are not encouragd to do as much for themselves as possible.
    - Often they need to restore loss of function related to injuries, strokes, or illnesses.   
- Doing as much as possible of their own care and engaging in physical activity will help recovery from these acute events.
    - Without a restorative care philosophy, residents of assisted living facilities tend to decline at rates as rapid as those of residents in nursing home settings. 
    - When the staff completely takes over care related tasks the residents miss out on the opportunity to move joints and use muscles and thus there is a further decline in function and activity.

Benefits of Restorative Care
- The more residents can do for themselves, the more independent they can be. 
    - Higher functioning residents do not need to wait for assistance to get to the dining room, to use the bathroom, or to transfer from one place to another.
    - They have more opportunities for socialization.
    - They are more active and therefore healthier.  Movement improves circulation and prevents stiffness, contractures, and pressure sores.
    - They are more likely to be able to get in and out of bed, toilet, and bathe themselves with minimum assistance.
    - Most important, residents with maximum functioning have better balance, muscle strength, and posture, which make them less likely to fall.
    - When residents can participate in activies they enjoy, they are more likely to be happy at the facility.


 Pleasant Lake Lodge
Assisted Living offers:

Spacious Outdoor Space
Group Activities
Genuine Home Cooked Meals
Medication Pick-up and Dispensing
Housekeeping and Laundry Services
Group Activities
Cable TV & Telephone Service Available
Professional Beautician Available
Handicap Accessible
arrier Free Construction
Planned social events & outings
Annual barbeques
ADT Alarm System



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